Friday, July 31, 2009

What do i do about my dogs dislocated hip??

last night my dog was hit by a car and her lung colapsedthe taped her lung twice and it wasnt helping she was wagging her tail the whole time so the put a tube down in her and now she is reciving oxegen the finaly got her stable enough to take xrays and it turns out she has a dislocated hip the emergency vet tells me it might be posible to fix with out surgurey but alot of times this is unsecsesfull what i want to know is what is the likely hood of her not requiring surgury if i have her hip put back in place and then severly limit her activity untill the hip is healed of should i move towatrds the surgury option if so what is the average cost and recovery time?? she is a 3yr old chocolate lab with a very muscular build and very stong hips according to our regualr vetyour opinion ad knowlege would be very helpfull!
Some pets with dislocated hips can be corrected without the need of surgery. Whether or not this occurs depends on the extent of the damage, especially to the ligaments, tendons, and joint capsule.

The pet is anesthetized and the head of the femur is gently placed back into the socket. It will be securely taped so that the femur is held firmly in the socket. A special type of sling will be applied to keep the head of the femur (the ball) pushed back into the socket. This method is not always successful, but it is worth trying to prevent surgery.

My vet would charge about $350-$400 for this surgery, including follow-up care. and ex-rays, .but then He is not typical for all parts of the country..The one down the street from him would charge $500.

To keep money from being the deciding factor, you might consider this no interest card for veterinary care. If you apply on lone, or at the vet's clinic, they can tell you in just minutes if you have been approved..the only really requirement is that you have a steady source of income..>
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For veterinary care, go to this page, and click on "professions', and scroll down to 'veterinary'.
I would ask the vet for a payment plan and get the dog the health care she needs.
ask your vet about "tolfedine". It is mostly given for 3 to 5 days to female dogs dealing with intense pain suffering of hip (and now elbow) dysplagia.. It most of the time gives diarrhea (that's why your vet won't recommand it if your dog is know for digestive problems/food allergies), but it stops as soon as you stop medication . Water is really important during procedure.
Just watch the diet after that, because we all know that labs tend to be sensible about food. The best I have found so far was Nutro's Natural Choice for sensible dogs and the canadian Techni-Cal Natural Blend Vegeterian (also awsome for retired hounds and older dogs).

Good luck!
I feel for you %26 your pet.Thank GOD you can afford a vet.Shock can make us and our pets act like" i can handle it."I had a dog and my husband set her leg/hip with compastion%26a hard pull.He has some medical knowledge from the military and since we live far from town this the best we could do ,He made a splint and kept her in.we applied hot/cold pacs for a day or two and gave her a babie ASPERIN NOT ACETOMETAPHEN every other day for a short gods grace or something it healed pretty good.As for yours If your vet is saying it might mend w/o surgery.I would make sure it,s out of shock %26 her lungs are okay an then I,d personally look at the exrays.ask show you.He may think that the dogs hip could mend on its own with you limiting its activities.And then since you have the funds you can always bring it back for reconstructive surgery.your choice,so sorry for ya
Try talking with an animal chiropractor.. they "might" be able to help .. When I was living in Nevada . I knew one who worked with animals ..personally saw him take a lab from painful walking to jumping like a puppy .

its just an idea .. hope it helps

if the website I gave you here doesnt cover your area .. call all your local chiropractors and see if one would help you

best of luck to you

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