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What happens if you don't have your dog's stitches removed?

My mom's dog had to have several stitches after getting into a fight w/another dog and b/c it cost her so much for the visit she couldn't afford to bring the dog back to have stitches removed. Will it be harmful to the dog to leave them in? They are not the dissolvable type, but I imagine after awhile they will just loosen and fall out on their own. Will they?
Most vets don't charge to remove stitches. If your vet does, you can remove the stitches yourself. Just cut each stitch with a pair of finger nail clippers and pull them out. it can cause infection if they are left in, or the dog can begin to be irritated by them and rip them out on his own. That can cause more damage than the original dog fight did!
i dunno hun

wouldnt that hurt him??

why dont you just get them out and get it over with
why dont you remove them yourself it really is not that difficult to do just take a pair of scissors and CAREFULLY cut the string and pull them out i took out my moms stiches when she refused to go back to the doctor use a small pair of scissors they work best
Take her to the vet so they can remove the stitches before they become a problem
Vets do not or should not charge to have stitches removed. It just takes a couple of minutes, depending on how many stitches involved. The skin will grow around the stitches and could cause infection. If it has only been a couple of weeks, she should take the dog back to the vet to have the stitches removed.
Usually a doctor will remove the stitches for part of his service free. A vet may be the same. You could call and ask. The stitches could become infected, so they need to be removed.
They will not fall out on their own. They infact will get infected.

Have a look at them, even touch them see if the skin is red or swollen around them. If it is too bad they will have to reopen the wound to remove them and restitch.

Return visits to have stiches removed are normally at no charge.
dog might get an infection, because the body is going to try to fight off the stitches if they're left too long, is best your mom take the poor guy (dog) to vet to get the stitches remove, be a responsible dog owner, and if it was the other dog owner fault have them pay for the vet bills.
Since you can't afford the stitch removal do it yourself. Stiches can generally come out in 10-14 after surgery. Snip %26 clip the knot, then gently pull with a pair of tweezers. Usa a very small sewing scissors or something like that. Make sure you and dog are relax, jerking kicking %26 screaming could lead to another cut from the scissors. Have some one help you restrain the dog. Most Vet's want you to come back to check the would for infection, improper healing and such. Removing stitches is small beans. Yes they need to come out-would you leave stitches in yourself?
i turly dont know but call the humane society they know and they might do it for free
They need to be removed. If you don't you are going to end up having to take your dog back to the vet for something that will cost more than just taking the stitches out, I would think.
You must take the dog back to the vet no more then 15 days after getting the stitches on their body (sometimes even less then that) depending on how severe the injury is. Do not leave them on their body because it can get through their skin and cause any malfigurations or possible skin problems. Put yourself in your dog's shoes..if you got stitches would you leave them in you? or would you go to a doctor so they would get it done for you? Think about it, it might cause infection as well, the vet needs to put antibiotics once the stitches have been removed as well.
In my experience they usually fall out on their own. But also, after it's healed - you can snip them and pull them out with tweezers if the dog will hold still for you.
they probably wont charge for removal. But you can cut them yourself. Just pull them up a bit and cut under the knot. They should slide out. But yes, you need to remove them.
They could cause an infection. Most vets don't charge for stiches out; if yours does, consider changing vets. The proceedure is usually done by an assistant or technician unless the surgery was unusual for some reason.
If your dog is friendly and you know a doctor, nurse or dentist, they could also remove the stitches.
cut them out yourself and usually the vet doesnt charge for a suture removal.u can call and ask them about if there is a charge or not. If your dog will let you, take some blunt ended scissors and cut out the stitches. Use your fingers to pull the suture away from the skin then slip the scissors underneath, being careful not to cut the skin. Clean the skin with hydrogen peroxide and everything should be OK.goodluck!
most vets have the suture remove change included in the bill.

AND, if those stitches are not dissolvable, they can become embedded int he skin as the skin grows over them. and they can get infected. They become a forgien body (like a sliver or foxtail) stuck in and under the skin. More vet bills!

Go get them out!
Iif the stitches will not be removed, it will eventually cause a larger or prominent scar. The undissolvable kind of thread (stitch) if not removed will pose a great danger to your dog, such as the possibility of infection.

(which could lead to the death of your beloved mom's dog, and then your mom will be sad when that happens, and if your mom will be sad, you will be sad too, and so you will have a sad family just because of an unremoved dog stitches, lol just kidding)

God bless us :)
She should call the vet and let him/her know about her dilemma. Most vets are understanding and they might waive the fee or at least let her make reasonable payments. Good luck.
suture removal should be FREE from the vet - call and make sure.

They will get itchy and she will probably end up tearing them out herself which is not good.
typically suture removal is free though. It's really easy to do if you guys have a pair of needle nose scissors. all you do is cut the stitch and pull it out.

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