Saturday, May 22, 2010

What effect does Blue Death Rat Poison have on a dog?

Dog is a Rot puppie - about 40 lbs. - ate dead rats killed by Blue Death and a whole package of Blue Death
Rat poison has no arsenic in it..but your puppy will absolutely die if you don't take him in for immediate treatment. Rat poison is going to cause his blood to lose the ability to clot, and he will start bleeding internally. (That's how it kills rodents.) He won't show signs that there is a problem for 2-4 days, but by the time it gets to that point, the death rate is pretty high even with treatment. It's a pretty miserable, drawn-out death.

So..don't wait.

Make him vomit RIGHT NOW by giving him 1-2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (if you have it) by mouth, followed with an ounce or two of plain water. If you can see the rat poison or rat body parts in his vomit, repeat the dose to make him vomit again, because there may be more still in his stomach. This won't help if it has been more than an hour or 2 since he ate it.
If you don't have peroxide, don't waste time going to the store to get any..get him to the hospital ASAP so they can induce vomiting ASAP.

Even if he does throw it up, you still have to take him in..because some of it will likely have already made it past his stomach and been absorbed into his blood stream where it will start wreaking havoc. There is no antidote you can give at home.

Make sure to take the rat poison package with you to the emergency clinic. Expect them to draw blood for a baseline hematocrit and clot time so they'll have something for comparison to make sure the treatment is working in a few days.
Expect them to give him activated charcoal to hopefully absorb any poison still in his GI tract, and prevent it from being absorbed into his blood. Expect them to give him a special type of Vitamin K..first by injection, then he'll likely have to stay on the oral form for 4-8 weeks, depending upon the active ingredient. His blood will be rechecked before you stop the medication, then again 48 hours later. If it looks good then, you're home free. It is crucial that he be strictly confined and not allowed any physical activity until he finishes treatment, plus an additional week after ending the vitamin K.

Please don't delay. Make him vomit, then get in the car and get to the closest animal emergency clinic (or your own DVM if they're open or provide after-hours service) ASAP.

The longer you wait, the more it's going to cost you financially..and the less likely he is to survive. This is a BIG DEAL.
youll be lucky if it dont kill the puppy like it did the rats
go to a vet
thats all i can say
well if u love this dog i suggest u get him to the vet asap . at the very least, it is gonna make him very very ill.
if it kills rats , it'll kill dogs
What would happen to you if you ate that crap
Look after your puupy better
Take him to the vet ASAP
Go to a veterinary ER now. It will kill the puppy quickly without treatment.
you need to get him to a vet NOW! if you wait he will die no doubt and a very painful long drawn out death .please go to vet or vet emergency immediately
Rat poison is lethal to humans as well as dogs, cats and rats! If a dog/cat eats polluted meat, get the animal to be sick. But call a vet as soon as possible. Prayers with you.
Call the vet ASAP! Especially if he is showing any abnormal symptoms including any bleeding, vomiting, or trouble breathing. I'd had to hold dying puppies in my arms, convulsing in seizures, just because they ingested rat poison.
When we spread out rat posion we had to be extra careful our fox terrier did not eat it, rat poison is used to kill rats, but can kill ANYTHING. It's HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Take your dog to a vet Asap. Rat posion can kill humans, and kill a puppy in a heartbeat. If you want your dog to live go to the vet NOW! Your dog will be dead by the morning if you don't. Turst me,sadley it's happened to one of my family members dogs.
i'd say an imminent death.
Ypu'r Dog mite die! Go to the VET! You should not even had posted this! DUUUUUUUUU
I fell sorry for you'r dog!
Poor puppy i hope and can make it!
You better get your dog to the vet immediately. Rat poison is arsenic which is deadly to animals.
The key word here is poison, get the dog to vet asap.
It could make it very sick possibly kill it.
You mean it's not DEADYET??

Don't worry,it soon WILL BE! A nice slow agonizing DEATH from IRREVERABLE internal bleeding.

Smooth move there,maroon.

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