Sunday, August 2, 2009

What does it mean when a dog licks you (humans) in the face?

Is it really a show of affection? Just curious, because we always say, "that dog gives lots of kisses" and such. Is it really a form of kisses for a dog? Does the dog instinctively think it is "kissing" you or is it some kind of reaction to what the human is doing?
Licking the face is a sign of submission -- if you ever watch documentaries on wolves/wild dogs, you will see the subordinates approach the pack leader and try to lick their faces. Sometimes, it's just puppies wanting (regurgitated) food, but always it's a sign of submission.

You can also see this if you watch packs of domestic dogs (in a dog park, or a doggie day care for instance).

Your dog is basically saying, "I love you, you're the boss".
Its a sign of affection. Also our skin is full of salt, and dogs love it. Thats why they try to lick the colour off of us!

I don't think the dog thinks of them as kisses, but its just showing you that it likes you and wants you to pay attention to it. Dogs are very needy and want lots of attention.
it means you taste better than their
It means "Hey I just licked my butt and ate Bruno's pooh, want to taste it, its great!" Okay just teasing, dog show submission to their Alpha leaders. Dogs are affectionate too. Owners encourage the behaviour by getting all goo-goo ga-ga about it. So it is a combination of both. Just remember dogs have a tendency to like things we wouldn't, and bacteria like giardia is contagious to us. Giardia is a bacteria found in stool that causes diahhrea like symptoms and can only be treated with antibiotics.
Licking is a submissive social signal, first of all, allowing dogs to show deference to dominant "pack members."

Puppies lick to solicit solid food from their mothers when they're weaned, so a young dog may lick to request its dinner.

Some dogs lick as a substitute for puppy mouthing behavior. They've been trained not to put their teeth on people, so they lick to occupy their mouths.

Licking may be a sign of affection, your dog's way of showing you that he's enjoying spending time cuddled on the couch with you. Or, he may just like the taste of your soap!

I LOVE the doggie kisses I get everyday for whatever reason my doggie gives them to me!
It means that your face now stinks like dog breath, lol! Yuck!
when a dog licks you in the face they are saying your the alpha leader. In a pack the dogs go up to the leaders and lick them on the face to acknowledge that there the alpha dog.
There is truly no way of knowing, but it must be a sign of affection since this is the way that mother dogs groom their young. They are trying to show you a sign of affection with this action, even if you are not their offspring.
The dog may not actually know that they are giving kisses, but I do believe they are showing you affection and letting you know they do love you.Dogs are smart and even more so than some people that I know!!
I believe it is a form of affection. It is a greeting but your dog doesn't think " Oh look! Bob just came home from a hard day at the office!"
It's a greeting ritual they do when an alpha pack member returns to the pack.
Dog's don't kiss. Dog's don't lick salt from your hand either. Humans usually shake hands or hug upon greeting someone. Dogs lick the face of a pack member. If a dog jumps up on you, he is just trying to get closer to your face. Some dogs won't lick your face. They tend to be the ones who play the alpha role. They also better be bringing home the bacon in your house!
No, this is just basicly a reaction. It could be affection, though. Normally a sign of affection is sniffing or a wagging tail.

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